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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Notification Error after removing Code City's CityTime program

This one is a very annoying error message. I have a Dell Axim 51v with Windows Mobile 5. I removed CityTime program the other day because I decided to go with WorldMate Pro 2006. Right after I launched WorldMate, I got a notification error saying "Could not start \Programs\Code City\CityTime.exe".

I tried to soft reset my PDA but it kept showing the same message when I launched WorldMate. Using Resco Registry Editor to find that entry in my registry was also a no success.

Finally, after about 30 mins of Googling , I found this forum thread Even though this one is not for Windows Mobile 5, it gives me an idea of what to use and where to look for that error message.

All I need to do is install MemMaid from DinarSoft, and then remove that bad notification pointing to citytime.exe. Just open MemMaid, go to Notification Queue (second tab from left), find that \Programs\Code City\CityTime.exe, check the box next to it, and clean it from the queue. Problem solved.

SK Tools also has a similar program to clean up junk files and bad registry entries from your PDA. I think it's worth checking it out.

(Important note: Just remove the bad notification from the queue but not the other entries. Do not remove other entries if you don't know what they are for.)

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babu said...

Thank you very much, i have tried installing memmaid and removed the notification errors and now my device is working fine with out errors. I have done this exercise on MC9090G. but after doing this i am unable to connect to activesync. can any one help on this.