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Friday, August 17, 2007

Verizon DSL with Westell WireSpeed 2110

Lately, I have been having connection problems with my Verizon DSL line. My internet connection drop intermittently and come back again about 30 seconds later. It happens throughout the day randomly.

I borrowed my friend's DSL modem (also a Verizon customer) which is Westell 6100, and it works fine the whole day. So I figured it could be Westell 2110 I have is causing the connection problem. I started looking for a way to update the firmware of this modem, and it took me longer than I thought because I couldn't find the firmware and instruction for the 2110 I have. Finally, I found it on Verizon's site. How ironic?

Follow this link to Verizon's download site where you will find the firmware and instruction. If the site no longer exists, then download them from the links below. I hope this will make your life easier if you are a Verizon customer and looking for Westell 2110 firmware upgrade.

Westell WireSpeed 2110 Modem Firmware Upgrade Process (PDF)
Firmware for Model: A90-210015-04 (Version: 01_00_35)
Firmware for Model: B90-210015-04 (Version: 01_00_35)

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