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Friday, July 27, 2007

Pharos iGPS-BTII and TomTom

Just received my Pharos iGPS-BT II (Bluetooth GPS Receiver) a few days ago for my Dell Axim. It looks great. The Bluetooth GPS Receiver has its own battery and car charger and USB cable are included in the package.

So, I loaded TomTom 6 for US into my SD card, installed it on my Axim, and created a Bluetooth link with the GPS unit. When launched, TomTom kept saying it could not find a GPS device. I tried different settings for the GPS but TomTom could not find the GPS device at all.

After trying many different configurations, I realized that I had not rebooted the PDA yet. Hit the little button in the back and reset the PDA. Launched TomTom again. This time, TomTom found the Bluetooth GPS Receiver. Now it's time for me to start testing this unit between home and work. I hope it will work as expected tomorrow when I go to work. Wish me luck!

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