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Monday, May 21, 2007

Vista doesn't like Alcohol

Today is my second day with Windows Vista (Business Ed.). My little AMD Athalon X2 3800+ with Asus (A8N-E) mobo got Windows Experience Index of 4.6, so the overall performance is great and smooth.

However, I just ran into a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) this evening when I tried to install Alcohol 120% (Version: It happened when Alcohol tried to install the virtual CD-ROM drive. I got the stop error code 0x0000007E and I couldn't boot into Windows at all.

Thanks to System Restore. I booted from the Vista installation DVD, selected to restore my system, and chose the restore point before Alcohol installation. Back into Windows but lost some of the installed plug-ins and programs.

Windows Vista help gives the following recommendation.

Windows Vista does not support DAEMON Tools 3.47 and 4.0

This version of DAEMON Tools 3.47 and 4.0 is not compatible with Windows Vista.



Microsoft recommends that you do not use DAEMON Tools 3.47 and 4.0 with Windows Vista at this time and that you remove DAEMON Tools 3.47 and 4.0. If this is not possible, please contact DAEMON Tools for support information for running DAEMON Tools 3.47 and 4.0 on Windows Vista.

Well, that forces me to find a newer version of Alcohol and found Alcohol 120% v. on Alcohol Soft's web site. I hope this one will work but I have not installed it yet. I will post more information about Vista as I run into more issues (most will be application compatibility).

So far, I have Office 2007, Firefox, Google Talk, McAfee Site Advisor, Avast Anti-Virus, and WinRAR running without any problems (not yet).

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